Mona Mix-it-up can’t make up her mind
Mona Mix-it-up can’t make up her mind

Mona Mix-it-upMona Mix-it-up is the fifth of our five money styles. This style represents a combination of the four previous money styles to help us describe a money style that doesn’t fit neatly into the previous four: Frugal Freddy, Lavish Lucy, Cautious Casey or Wise Wesley.

Mona Mix-it-up might be a spender like Lavish Lucy who has bouts of tight-fisted saving or a bit like Cautious Casey because she recognizes money can’t buy happiness. If the previous four styles don’t really fit you, you might be most like Mona Mix-it-up.

Mona Mix-it-up has the potential to be a good match for any of the other four money styles. The key is for her to understand her strengths and weaknesses and to balance those with her partner’s style.

Now that we’ve gone over all five styles, which one sounds the most like you? What changes could you make to build on your strengths, while toning down your weaknesses? I’ll offer suggestions in future blog posts, but to really dive into the money styles, I will host a money styles workshop soon. To get alerts for that workshop and other classes and money coaching opportunities, sign up here.

~ Meka, Penny Smart Girl


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