Meet Cautious Casey
Meet Cautious Casey

Meet Cautious CaseyThe third of our money styles is Cautious Casey. With her money personality, Casey lives a simple, modest life, trying to strike a balance between spending too much and saving obsessively. Unlike Frugal Freddy, Cautious Casey will spend money on items to cover her basic needs, trying to suppress the desire to indulge. She makes cautious, financial decisions and feels guilty if she wants more money than she has.

Cautious Casey’s money style is related closely to her morals. She believes that money can corrupt people, so she avoids dealing with finances whenever possible which can get her into trouble. Cautious Casey donates money to charities and tries to help out cash-strapped family and friends. It is important to her to focus on the things in life that really matter – things that money can’t buy.

Cautious Casey would be a good partner for Frugal Freddy who can help her with her savings plan, or Wise Wesley who can help her invest for the long haul and attend to the daily money chores she avoids. Is your money style like Cautious Casey’s?

In a future blog post, I’ll talk more about Wise Wesley, the fourth money style. In the meantime, let me know if you have questions. I’m happy to help

~ Meka, Penny Smart Girl


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